Create the carpet of your dreams with Eva Bellavi French carpet workshop…

Our philosophy is to give the opportunity to realize the uniqueness of your interior in your carpet.

We manufacture handmade carpets using Hand Tuft method. Each of our carpets is unique, it is custom made from the material, design, size, pile height and structure of your choice. The exquisite quality of French carpets can be found at our head office in France, at manufacturing in Ukraine, as well as in the salons of our partners around the world.

Eva Bellavi manufacturing is located in the central part of Ukraine, as the family roots of the creator, who now lives in France, are from this region. It was a desire to provide local people with work, help Ukrainian designers touch the perfection of the French style, and create carpets of the highest quality.

Carpets, manufactured by Eva Bellavi craftsmen will be inherited, as works of art, as our quality will not let you down even after many years, carpets will not lose their shape and color. For carpet making, our experts have selected the highest quality natural and durable materials, such as:

  • New Zealand hypoallergenic wool
  • Processed water resistant viscose
  • Elite silk

To ensure that Eva Bellavi carpets meet the highest world quality requirements, we manufacture them on the German equipment Hofmann Handtuft-Technik GmbH. The masters of our manufacturing regularly undergo special training in Germany to work on the most precise German equipment for carpet tufting.

One of our privileges is the possibility to manufacture carpets of large sizes, up to 12 meters wide and 30 meters long. This makes it much easier for designers to create interiors in large rooms. Another individuality of our manufacturing is a wide range of pile heights: from 4 millimeters to 40 centimeters. And, of course, the most important thing is a wide palette of colors at your choice and absolutely any design.

In our carpet workshop, absolutely everyone can become a real creator of their carpet and bring to life his or her most daring and unusual desires, which can be embodied in a carpet product.

Eva Bellavi gives everyone the opportunity to touch the real carpet art and enjoy it to the fullest.